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Roof Restoration and Maintenance Tips for Homeowner

Regular roof maintenance or roof repairs are the best things you can do if you want to save on roofing costs in the long run. There are various roof restoration and maintenance tips you can follow to achieve a cost-effective roofing system.

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  • Always check and inspect.

Regular roof inspection is an important step towards roof restoration. Early detection of damages in the roofing system will enable you to find roofing solutions that does not involve high costs.

Additionally, be sure to perform a roof assessment before agreeing to any roof restoration works done by a roofer. With roof assessment, you will be aware of the points of damage, costs, and other roof restoration details.  

  • Roof cleaning is a must.

Roof cleaning can help spot damages in the roof and clear debris on other parts of the roofing system. You can use the pressure cleaner to effectively clear debris and other dirt that could be the reason for the blockage. 

A clean roof has a higher lifespan and durability. It is believed that a well-maintained and clean roofing system has added 10 to 15 years to its lifespan.

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  • Remove the leaves and debris from your roof regularly.

Leaves, debris, and other dirt are the main reason for roof system blockage and leakage. The roof structure may not be able to hold its weight, which can lead to a collapsed roof and accidents.  

Clean your roof gutters regularly. Check for damage in the drainage and administer repair as soon as possible.

  • Consider annual roof treatment and painting applications.

The proliferation of moss, lichen, and algae can lead to roof damage, unsightly appearance, and lung diseases. However, those foreign plants can be easily removed with the use of roofing treatment to stop its growth and have your roof cleaned. 

Be cautious about the type of roofing treatment being used to avoid health complications. Be knowledgeable about the product to ensure health safety and security. 

Painting your roof can also protect it from weather elements. Use light coloured paint to deflect the heat from the roof. Talk to a roofing expert to know more about roof painting in Perth

  • Let the professionals do the job.

Always use professional help when maintaining and restoring your roof. DIY roof restoration is not recommended if you are not knowledgeable. It can lead to more significant damage and higher roof maintenance cost.

In every roof restoration and maintenance project that you do, professional help should always be considered to avoid low quality work, accidents, and other unfortunate events. Note that roof works are amongst the most dangerous and challenging parts of building and renovation.

Roof maintenance is one of the most challenging parts of house renovation as it entails high labour costs and materials. It requires labour to ensure that the job is done correctly, and it involves cost due to damage repair and purchasing of roofing materials and products.

The question is… 

How can we achieve cost-effective roofing?

How can we maintain our roof?

How can we ensure that the job is done correctly?

Well, it’s easy!

Follow the basics on top, and you’re good to go!

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Roofing is an expensive part of the construction. The roof is also responsible for the protection of the whole building and everything that is in it. Having a strong and right roof is the first step of securing everything in your home. Therefore, avoid all mistakes that can damage your roof. Ensure the roof it’s fixed, maintained and repaired in a way that it’s going to last for the longest time. The following are the common mistakes that roofers repeatedly do when fixing, maintaining or repairing the roof. Avoid all these mistakes if you can.

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Covering Old Shingles Instead of Replacing Them

This is the most common mistake done in roofing. This is mostly done by the roofing company as a shortcut to your roof repair. It lowers the overall quality of your roofing. The proper manner to repair a portion of your roof is to remove every old shingle and replace with new ones. This is most important where there are some of the shingles which are damaged. Placing new shingle on old ones creates a room for dirt collection and moisture on your roof. This would lead to more damage in future which requires higher cost. When compared to doing the process rightly placing new shingles on the old one is expensive in the long run. Check with your roofing contractors. Instruct them to remove all old shingles. Also, ensure you inspect the work before paying for the contract.

Using Incorrect Fastener Length

Sometimes the roofing contractors use the available fasteners for your roofing. This is wrong. When the nails used on fastening are short, you run a risk of shingles loosening. they can easily be blown away by the wind. The shingles can also start shifting. A premature replacement of the roof will be required after a shorter time. Therefore, when roofing ensures the right rails are used at the right time. 

Reusing Old Flashing 

Metal flashing is normally on your rooftop. Their purpose is to stop moisture and rainfall water from entering your house at the vulnerable parts of the roof. These are especially at the chimneys, roof valleys, and the skylights. When replacing your roof or installing a new roof use new flashing. Sometimes the old flashing is used to cut the cost of roofing but this should not be the case.

Mismatching Slate Coloring

If you choose to use slate roofing ensure they all match. Mismatching of the slate color is a common mistake repeatedly done by the roofers. Before fastening the slates inspect all of them and ensure that they all match. The consistency of the slate coloring is important. Matched slates give your roof a good look compared to mismatched slates.

Mistakes are expensive to correct. When roofing ensures that mistakes that can be avoided are avoided. Explain to your roofers what you need. Ask them to tell you all that they need in the roofing. Shortcuts should be avoided. When mistakes happen in roofing they reduce the performance of the roof. You will be required to correct the mistakes at a very high cost.

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