Parenting with Spirit

Welcome to Parenting with Spirit. This site has a long history....please bear with me.

I grew up in an Irish Catholic home and thought I might someday be a nun. But as a young adult, I left the church, with great arrogance. I told myself I didn't need "dogma." I was involved in social justice work so that was enough. Initially, I prayed a lot. But even that fell by the wayside with the support of worldly rationalizations. "God knows my thoughts and my good intentions. I don't need formal prayer time."  For the next 20+ years I "did my own thing." And that included two marriages and two divorces.  During that second marriage, I gave birth to Peter. Then I dreamed about a baby girl who needed me. We went to Vietnam to get Brigit. Now, with two children who needed spiritual guidance, I created a magazine for those who had left behind formal religious settings. At the time, I thought God could be found in any religion and in no religion.  I started a magazine with a grandious scope. It would be national and "inspirational" in a humanist kind of way.

But the dream of worldly success crashed with divorce #2. I was a single mom with two young children.

Then I was guided to a truly wise man named Jurgen Haver. He said, "Either God is God, or man is god. It can't be both ways." And if God is the one who is truly in charge, we had better get to know Him and listen to His Word. What I had been doing, during those years of wandering, was fashioning a little idol. I had created a god I could control or dismiss as needed. The god I addressed in my writings back then was a god who put up with anything. A doormat. That New Age god accepted all rationalizations and excuses for sin. But Jurgen helped me turn around to see Jesus weeping in the Garden. Jesus taught Obedience to the Father, humility and self awareness. He taught Truth. And yes, there are moral standards which can't be compromised. 

Jurgen and I wanted the little ones in our care, to learn about the one true God. We visited a Catholic church with the idea that the children could go to catechism.  As we sat in Mass that day, at the beginning of Lent, the choir sang a song out of the Bible: "Come back to Me, with all your heart. Don't let fear keep us apart." I melted. It was a God moment. His Light made it's way through the darkness of my heart.

New Beginnings...
Today, I'm a catechist at our church. I'm a member of the Holy Cross community of Secular Discalced Carmelites. I am dedicated to prayer.

I love the name "Parenting with Spirit" where "spirit" refers to the Holy Spirit. With His guidance we can be enlivened and feel "spirited" and joyful in this blessed role as parents. I believe the Holy Spirit guided me to Jurgen, my husband. The Holy Spirit guided me to the Church on that day, eight years ago and the Spirit was in the music that touched my soul.  This website is dedicated to prayerful parenting and Catholic theology. I pray for the guidance of the Holy Family for all our families today that we might be strengthened in virtue.

If you would like to contact me, write to judith@parentingwithspirit.com.

St. Clare and the Monstrance

Saint Clare defended her convent of sisters
by holding up the Blessed Sacrament as Saracen mercenaries attacked. Such
courage and faith!
This is one of my drawings that my
Sunday School students like to color.
See more of my artwork at: http://www.drawingonfaith.weebly.com